Forecaster Say 95 Percent Chance Of Major Mississippi Flooding In 2020

Forecasters are all but guaranteeing another major spring flood along the Mississippi River. The National Weather Service released its latest spring flood outlook On Thursday.

Hydrologist Jessica Brooks tells KWQC-TV 6 there's a 95 percent chance of major flooding along the river this spring and summer.

"This is determined from the current snow melt and snow pack and if we get... we will be watching... if we get into a scenario where we will get warm weather and dry weather. that will lesson our potential for flooding," Jessica Brooks, a service hydrologist with the National Weather Service."

She says there is an awful lot of snow to the north, and that's all going to have to go somewhere once the warm weather sets in. No one is saying if this year's floods will be as bad as what the Quad Cities saw last year.

Communities along the lower Missouri River were already bracing for the prospect of more flooding this spring because many of their levees remain in poor shape after last year’s massive flooding.

Nearly everywhere that flooded last year in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri is at some risk to flood again because of the extensive damage to levees.

The main factors that go into determining the risk is heavy snowfall, rapid snow melt and heavy spring rains.

(Photo: KWQC-TV 6)

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