Quarantined Individual Moved To Nebraska Medicine

OMAHA, Nebraska - Update: Officials at Nebraska Medicine/UNMC and the CDC provided an update on one person being quarantined for coronavirus at Camp Ashland.

Emergency Management and Biopreparedness Executive Director Shelly Schwedhelm says, "Today we were notified by Camp Ashland that there was an individual with a mild cough. We decided to move this individual to the Quarantine Center for testing."

The individual is identified as an adult woman who arrived at Camp Ashland last Friday with her family. The woman arrived at Nebraska Medicine around 1:15 p.m. Friday and was immediately tested. Officials say she will be tested again in 24 hours and that will determine what steps will be taken.

One of the 57 Americans being monitored for the coronavirus at Camp Ashland was transported to the National Quarantine Unit at Nebraska Medicine/UNMC for further evaluation and testing.

This person developed extremely mild upper respiratory symptoms overnight. CDC made the decision to move the person to the unit as a precautionary measure.

The National Quarantine Unit is located in a building that is separate from others on campus where patients receive care at Nebraska Medicine.

This person will be tested for COVID-19 while being monitored there.

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