A brief shot of cold and snow in Iowa's forecast

JOHNSTON, Iowa -- Iowa's going back into the deep-freeze for a couple of days.

"Single digits Wednesday night--well below zero in Northern Iowa. We'll rebound later in the work week, so that some good news--it won't last long" says National Weather Service Meteorologist Brad Small.

He says temperatures in Central Iowa will bottom out Wednesday night at around 5 above zero, with windchills of 5 to 10 below.

Small says we could also see a little snow with the cold snap.

"Probably late morning and into the afternoon there'll be chances for snow. It won't be a whole heck of a lot--lower end of a dusting in the east with an inch or less in the far western part of the metro area" he says.

Small says some parts of Western Iowa could get between three and four inches of snow.

He says temperatures will be back in the 40's to near 50 by the weekend.

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