Buttigieg, Sanders Request Recount of Some Iowa Caucus Precincts

DES Moines, Iowa - The Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg campaigns have requested recounts of 63 Iowa caucus precincts.

Sanders asked for a recount for 10 precincts, while Buttigieg wants 54 precincts recounted.

The state Democratic Party will decide if the requests are valid within 48 hours from Wednesday afternoon, and if so, will estimate a time to complete the process.

The request for a recount follows the re-canvassing of some precincts asked for by the two candidates, who are in a razor tight race in Iowa.

A re-canvass examines and corrects errors in calculations by precinct chairs. A recount looks at the actual votes cast by caucus-goers.

A re-canvass must be done before a recount can be sought.

The re-canvass was completed Tuesday, which slightly narrowed Buttigieg's lead in state delegate equivalents. Sanders still leads in first and second round preferences cast by caucus-goers.

Buttigieg holds a 14-12 lead over Sanders in national delegates from Iowa.

The Associated Press still has not called a winner in the caucus, which took place 17 days ago

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