Quarantine Period Ends For 57 Americans In Nebraska

The two week coronavirus quarantine period is coming to en end for the 57 Americans staying at Camp Ashland in Nebraska

The group flew in from China nearly 2 weeks ago and has been tested twice a day every day for the coronavirus.

They'll test one last time Thursday morning and then they'll be cleared to go home. Officials say it's bittersweet. The group has become close, knowing they're all going through this together.

With the quarantine period ending Joe Smith with the Centers for Disease Control says they've been getting the group prepared to ease them back into their everyday lives.

They have counselors on hand to reduce any mental or emotional stress they may be experiencing.

“We have quite a mix, we have more than a dozen under the age of 18 including 2 infants I can't wait to be able to hold before they leave,” Smith told WOWT-6 News. “There’s absolutely zero fear, we started out with 57 healthy people, we're finishing up with 57 people and I wouldn't mind if any of my children sat next to them on an airplane, that’s how confident I am with this process.”

Smith says each family will be driven to the airport by officials depending on when their flights are. He says the people in the group live all around the country.

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