Hearing Held for Man Who Wants Wrongful Death Judgement Reversed

KNOXVILLE, Iowa - A hearing is being held today for a Marion County man acquitted of his mother’s murder, but found liable in a lawsuit for her death.

Jason Carter wants a judge to throw out the wrongful death judgement against him after a jury acquitted him of first-degree murder.

Jason’s siblings and father Bill filed the lawsuit in 2016 after no criminal charges were filed in the death of Shirley Carter. She was found shot to death insider her Lacona home back in 2015.

A jury found Jason civilly liable for Shirley’s death and awarded his father Bill Carter $10 million in damages.

Jason was then charged with first degree murder in his mother’s death because of new evidence in the civil case.

Jason Carter was found not guilty in the criminal trial last March, and has since filed his own lawsuit.

He’s also asking the judge to recuse herself, claiming an attorney heard the judge say Jason is “guilty as sin” for Shirley’s death.

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