Des Moines Council Meeting Packed for debate on Short Term Rentals

DES MOINES, Iowa - The Des Moines City Council's Monday meeting was packed with an overflow crowd of residents speaking for and against proposed amendments to the ordinance governing short-term rental homes such as Airbnb and HomeAway.

The new amendments include doing away with a requirement that owners live in the rental properties 275 days a year. It also limits the number of units in an apartment complex that can be used as short-term rental properties to 10 percent. It further limits the number of short term rentals to one in any home.

Short-term rental supporters say the live-in requirement would make it hard for people to own more than one commercial property. They also claim the properties provide for household incomes.

Some residents oppose the changes and say they’re concerned about noise levels and living near commercial property.

The new amendments place a limit on noise by short term renters.

The city council voted to hold further public discussion about short-term rentals on May 18.

Des Moines currently has roughly 350 short term rental units citywide.

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