First patient in test of Coronavirus drug in Omaha shows improvement

OMAHA, Nebraska - The first patient in human trials of a medicine to treat Coronavirus is making great improvement.

"He was able to leave the hospital and he's back in the quarantine (unit) because he did so well." Doctor Andre Kahlil tells KFAB Radio News.

Kahlil is running the drug test at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha.

He says most people can recover from Coronavirus, COVID-19, but about one out of five will need medical help.

"80 or more percent of patients who acquire the infection (Coronavirus) are cured without any medication." Kahlil says.

Kahlil says they're planning expand the drug trial.

"The goal is to enroll 396 patients." Kahlil says.

Quarantine unit photo from WOWT-TV.

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