Stolen Wedding Dress Returned To Iowa Bride-To-Be

There's a happy ending for a Cedar Rapids bride-to-be after her wedding dress and SUV were stolen.

Davenport Police say they recovered the SUV with the dress still inside. KWQC-TV 6 reports Kylee Howell of Cedar Rapids went to the Quad Cities to pick up her wedding dress last weekend.

Someone then stole her car, with her dream dress inside. After hearing about the stolen vehicle, a mother and daughter in the Quad Cities noticed a car that looked out of place. When they saw a Linn County license plate, they called police.

Dee Ahrens and Natalie Bowen tell KWQC-TV 6 they noticed the SUV had been there a few days and late Monday night, went to check on the license plate when they realized it was likely the one that belonged to Howell.

"I asked my daughter Natalie when you're going to Hy-Vee can you get the license plate, we need to check it out, and she came in the house and said "Mom It's the lady who had the wedding dress stolen", Ahrens says.

"I had seen her story on KWQC and when I had seen the license plate I remembered on the interview that it had said Linn County and that she had a Hawkeye sticker in the back window. I was like "oh my god that's her car that's her car," Bowen says. "All I could think about was making sure that she found, you know, that's her car and that she got her dress back."

The women contacted Howell on Facebook to tell her they found the car and her dress. "I can't even explain how I feel. I just am so grateful," Howell told KWQC-TV 6.

She said at first the news seemed too good to be true and she didn't want to get her hopes up until police confirmed it was her vehicle and that her belongings were inside.

So far no arrests have been made.

(Photo: KWQC-TV 6)

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