22 New Coronavirus Cases in Iowa, Total Climbs to 90

DES MOINES, Iowa - The number of cases of COVID-19/coronavirus has climbed to 90 in Iowa, including 22 new cases as of Sunday.

The Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) says there have been 1,215 negative tests conducted at the State Hygienic Lab to date.

Six people, among the first of Iowa's first positive cases of COVID-19 in Johnson County are recovered and no longer considered infectious, according to Johnson County Public Health. 

Those patients are no longer required to isolate and are following the general recommendations for everyone in Iowa to follow social distancing - keeping at least six feet away from other people and frequently washing hands with soap and water.

According to IDPH, the locations and age ranges of the 22 new reported cases include:

Cerro Gordo County, 2 adults (18-40 years)

Dallas County, 1 older adult (61-80 years)

Dubuque County, 2 middle-aged adults (41-60 years)

Harrison County, 2 older adults (61-80 years)

Johnson County, 2 adults (18-40 years), 1 middle-aged (41-60 years), 2 older (61-80 years)

Kossuth County, 1 adult (18-40 years)

Linn County, 1 middle age adult (41-60 years)

Poweshiek County, 1 elderly adult (81 years or older)

Scott County, 1 middle-aged adult (41-60 years)

Sioux County, 1 older adult (61-80 years)

Tama County, 2 adults (18-40 years), 1 middle-aged adult (41-60 years)

Washington County, 1 middle-aged adult (41-60 years)

Woodbury County, 1 middle-aged adult (41-60 years)

The largest concentration of COVID-19/coronavirus cases is in Johnson County, where there are 32. Polk County is second with 10 cases, followed by Dallas County with six. Polk and Dallas counties are in the metro Des Moines area.

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