77 Iowa Counties open up a bit on Friday. Are you going out this weekend?

pella 4

pella 4

This could be a big weekend! The Governor has lifted some restrictions on shops and restaurants in 77 of our 99 counties here in Iowa.

We did have a lively discussion on the air about this yesterday.

Is it time to venture out? To go to a restaurant? To visit a small mom and pop store? To take a wander down a main street in a small Iowa town?

And some people on line (probably in their Mom's basements) are demanding the Mayor of Pella rip the tulips from the ground to stop people coming! If he did (he won't) I think it would increase traffic so people could watch the ripping going on!

Anyway, yesterday's discussion on air proved that Iowans are just itching to get out.

Are you going out this weekend?

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