Unemployment number goes past 33 million - is there a tipping point?

The unemployment numbers are out today and we now know that more than 33 million Americans have filed in the last seven and a half weeks.

Some 3.17 million Americans filed for unemployment in the week ending May 2.

The one bright spot - if you can call it that - is that this is the lowest number of new jobless claims since the week ending March 15.

Congress has so far passed four big cash Bills, but the $2.2 Trillion one was full of pork. Pelosi is now talking about another "multi-Trillion Dollar" Bill, but a huge chunk of that she wants to bail out badly run cities and States that were in financial trouble before the coronavirus.

Is there a tipping point where Americans in massive numbers will take to the streets?

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33 Million are unemployed. Is there a tipping point? - Thumbnail Image

33 Million are unemployed. Is there a tipping point?

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