Planting our sulfer Impact trials with our friends at Pioneer

As we told you a few days ago, our friends at Pioneer are continuing to do cutting edge on-farm research to continue as an industry leader in managing every acre of your farm, and that includes some banded sulfer application with the corn planter:

Social distancing means only one person in the cab, so Andy handled the planting himself at his Dad's farm i:

The specifics of this impact testing are an average of 15 pounds of sulfer VRT applied 3 inches beside the row and 3 inches deep along with 32% UAN. By the time he was wrapping up, the sun was setting which always makes for a unique, "under the lights" type experience:


All of the planting data is recorded so at harvest time we'll be able to analyze yield advantages and economic return:

What we do today affects tomorrow, and our friends at Pioneer continue to work hard in order to continue being the best at helping you get the right product on the right acre for your best shot at the highest yield!

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