Iowa farmers may have to euthanize 600,000 hogs due to COVID backlog

DES MOINES, Iowa- Iowa Agriculture Secretary Mike Naig says pork producers in the state are dealing with a backlog of about 600,000 pigs, ready to go to market, at a time when many meat processing plants are still not operating at full capacity due to COVID-19 related shutdowns and closures.

Naig says producers have been coming up with creative ways to try and avoid euthanizing the animals, including donating pork, selling directly to consumers, or trying to safely slow feeding in order to delay deliveries to the processing plants. Naig says, however, there will still be producers who will need to euthanize, because of the supply chain problems, caused by the pandemic.

The state has come up with a program to help producers with the cost of disposing the animals.

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