Iowa puts additional $3.5 million toward food insecurity programs

DES MOINES, Iowa- The state of Iowa is announcing $3.5 million dollars to support food insecurity efforts, and in essence create a mini-supply chain in reaction to hardships faced by Iowans impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Iowa Lieutenant Governor Adam Gregg says $500,000 will help expand the Pass the Pork program to include beef. The program encourages producers to donate livestock to local meat lockers, where it's processed and ends up at food banks or pantries. There are also plans to add donations from turkey, dairy and egg farms.

Lieutenant Governor Gregg is also announcing $1 million to buy some food pantry staples, including rice, pasta, and oatmeal in bulk. Americorps volunteers will then re-package the items into smaller consumer packages.

He says $1 million will go to support food banks and pantries, and $1 million will expand the Double Up Food Bucks program, for SNAP recipients, to enable Iowans in need, to get produce from stores or farmer's markets. Gregg says that program not only will help Iowans in need, it will help some of the state's specialty crop producers, who rely on sales at stands or farmers' markets.

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