Lorde Stands With BLM: 'The Ongoing Systemic Brutality By Police Is Racist'

Lorde has shared her solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement in her latest newsletter to fans.

In the lengthy note, the pop star, 23, revealed that she recently attended a BLM protest in Auckland, New Zealand, but admitted her difficulty with "performative activism, predominately by white celebrities (like me). Acknowledging that we live in a culture, where social media display can be misconstrued with true action, the singer said that being a true ally at the moment means understanding "that white silence right now is more damaging than someone’s wack protest selfie."

"This ongoing systemic brutality by police is racist, it’s sickening, and it’s unsurprising," the singer candidly wrote.

Elsewhere, the singer went on to admit that she's felt a responsibility to use her voice, particularly because the music she's made is inspired by the intersection of hip-hop. "I extend that sentiment to all my fellow musicians and producers who have tightened a snare to make it more trap, who’ve drawn a pattern of high hats in ProTools because they heard something similar in a hip hop song and it made them feel big and cool," she continued. "We have a responsibility to let our affected listeners know that we’re with them when it’s hard too, not just when it’s easy. Not just when we benefit. We see you, and we’re here."

To conclude her message, Lorde wanted to share some specific thoughts with her POC fans. "To my black and brown listeners — I'm so sorry this is your reality, that you haven’t had a choice but to be defined by this, to give it your energy," she wrote. "I’m aware of that tax on you. I hope white people you know are doing what they can to ease your load. And I really, really hope systems will change to better protect you."

Photo: Getty Images

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