More than 15 arrested after protesters attack police at Iowa Capitol

DES MOINES, Iowa- Tensions boiled over today (Wednesday) at a Black Lives Matter protest at the Iowa Capitol building in Des Moines. Police say a protester tackled an officer and put the officer in a choke hold, and other officers were assaulted. Police arrest more than 15 protesters as a result.

Police say they had been monitoring a protest at the State Capitol and arrested three people for charges related to damage done during a recent protest at the SE 14th Street Hy-Vee store, when a large crowd of protesters followed them to the parking lot, and surrounded officers. Police say at least one person attempted to block their path, and several people began pushing, pulling, hitting, and jumping on officers.

Des Moines Police Sergeant Paul Parezik says one protester jumped on an officer's back, placing him in a choke hold, and wresting him to the ground, and the officer was disarmed of his duty handgun during a struggle. Police say the officer was able to recover the handgun, and the protester was arrested.

Police say the crowd continued to get aggressive and nearly 50-officers from Des Moines Police, The Iowa State Patrol, and other agencies restored order, and did use pepper spray.

Police arrested 15 adults, and at least two juveniles, and say more arrests are pending.

Those arrested include:

26-year-old Indira Sheumaker, is charged with Assault on a Police Officer with Serious Injury, Disorderly Conduct, and Interference with Official Acts With Injury, and Criminal Mischief.

18-year old Clayton Stein is charged with Assault on Police Officer With Serious Injury, Interference with Official Acts With Injury, Disarming a Police Officer and Disorderly Conduct.

24-year-old Matthew Bruce is charged with two counts of Assault on a Police Officer, Interference with Official Acts With Injury, and Disorderly Conduct.

Three additional individuals were charged with Assault on a Police Officer, including:

31-year old Bradley Penna, 22-year-old Giovanni Behena, and 29-year-old Anna Gebhardt.

The following individuals are also facing charges:

Brandi Ramus, Alexandria Dea (26), Louise Bequeaith (19), Eva Lewin (24), Jennifer Erwin (36), Kirk Johnson (50), Jalesha Johnson (21), Jasmine Johnson (19), Lashon Winfield (22).

(Photo from Channel 13 WHO-TV

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