No Injuries Reported After Gov Reynolds' Vehicle Strikes BLM Protester

ACKLEY, Iowa - There are no injuries reported after an SUV carrying Governor Kim Reynolds struck a Black Lives Matter protester.

The demonstrators traveled Tuesday to stops Reynolds made in northern Iowa to urge her to immediately sign an executive order restoring felon voting rights. (Reynolds has said she will sign such an order, but has declined to do so by the deadline of July 4th set by Des Moines Black Lives Matter).

The protester was briefly struck by Reynolds' SUV as it left the Family Tradition Meat Company. The demonstrator said he was hit on purpose. "I 100% think they intentionally hit me," said Jaylen Cavil.

The Iowa State Patrol, which was accompanying Reynolds, issued a statement saying the protester intentionally jumped in from of the vehicle.

Today, the Iowa State Patrol investigated an incident that occurred near Ackley, Iowa, involving a demonstrator and a state-owned vehicle transporting Governor Reynolds.
The vehicle was operated by a member of the Iowa State Patrol. As the vehicle started to leave a scheduled stop and enter the roadway, a demonstrator approached which caused the Governor’s vehicle to slow. The demonstrator stopped short and to the side of the vehicle. As the vehicle began to turn away from the protester and onto the roadway, the demonstrator intentionally stepped in front of the slowly moving vehicle. The demonstrator had little to no physical reaction to any contact he created and the vehicle then entered the roadway. Iowa State Troopers on scene made contact with the demonstrator and advised him to discontinue his efforts to block traffic.
The demonstrator did not appear to suffer any injury, made no request for medical attention, and immediately began shouting obscenities at the responding personnel. The demonstrator and his group then proceeded to block members of the Iowa State Patrol from leaving the area.

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