No Injuries, 40,000 lbs. of Iowa Whiskey Lost in Semi Rollover

JANE, Missouri - A large quantity of Iowa whiskey will not reach its destination.

A semi truck carrying 12,000 bottles of Templeton Rye overturned while being transported to a warehouse in Fort Smith, Arkansas this week.

The 40,000 lbs. of rye whiskey came from the distillery in west central Iowa's Templeton.

Templeton Rye has its roots in the prohibition era, and was popular in Chicago, Omaha, and Kansas City speakeasies. It was said to be a favorite of mobster Al Capone.

Deputies in southern Missouri arrived on the scene early Wednesday morning to find the 12,000 bottle of Templeton Rye scattered across the Highway 71. There were no injuries from the overturned semi.

Templeton Rye built a $35 million distillery in Templeton west and north of De Moines, in 2018 after years of being distilled in Indiana.

The Des Moines Register reports the value of the whiskey lost in the crash is $325,000.

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