Cedar Rapids, Iowa storm destruction - the Iowa Hurricane PHOTOS

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - People are calling it the Iowa Hurricane of 2020. A storm blasted through Iowa a week ago, on Monday August 10, with winds topping out at 112 miles an hour in the Cedar Rapids area.

Maria Johnson, with the City of Cedar Rapids says that's 100 miles an hour for over 45 minutes. It left the City looking like a hurricane damage zone.

"The most shocking thing to see is there's no part of town you can go to find the worst. Everywhere you go you find the worst." She says.

67,000 people are still without power Monday morning in the Cedar Rapids area; it's day seven for them without out electricity. Some have generators, but others are living in their homes in the dark. Cell phone service was restored after nearly a week, but people are having to sit in their cars to recharge their phones.

Photos by Wendy Wilde.

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