Law enforcement to step up patrols over Labor Day weekend

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Drivers on Iowa's highways and interstates over the long Labor Day weekend will have some company.

"There will be increased law enforcement presence all over Iowa. That's in an effort to reduce fatalities and preventable crashes out here on our roadways" says Iowa State Patrol Sgt. Alex Dinkla.

He says they'll be looking for speeders--especially drivers going 100 miles an hour or faster.

"When they drive at those kinds of speeds, reaction time has diminished. It's not feasible to be able to react in time if a vehicle pulls out in front of you or an animal comes out of a ditch and up onto the road" Dinkla says.

He says cops will also be looking for drunk drivers.

"There were six fatalities over the Labor Day holiday weekend last year--three of those were alcohol-related" Dinkla says.

He says the extra Labor Day law enforcement effort is being paid for by grants from the Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau.

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