This Week's Weird News 9/11/20

A massive search for signs of alien life which came up short, a tiger spotted roaming the streets of Knoxville, and the passing of the man behind the famed Fenn Treasure were among the strange, unusual, and enlightening stories to pop up on our radar this past week.

The search for extraterrestrial intelligence had something of a setback this week when it was announced that a massive survey of 10 million stars found no signs of alien life. The project, which was the largest of its kind, looked for radio emissions in the vicinity of the Vela constellation with the hope that somewhere in that patch of space would be a 'technosignature' which scientists suspect could have originated from an advanced species. UFO enthusiasts and alien aficionados need not despair as one of the astronomers behind the project likened it searching for something in the ocean, but only examining a sample size the equivalent of a swimming pool, meaning that there's still quite of a lot of space where ETs may be hiding.

This past week we bid farewell to a figure who spawned all manner of strange and unusual stories over the last few years, as Forrest Fenn, creator of a decade-long treasure hunt in the Rocky Mountains, passed away at the age of 90. His audacious challenge captured the imagination of hundreds of thousands of people who searched for the riches both online and on the ground, was blamed for the death of five individuals who had their hunt go tragically awry, and inspired at least two people to break into Fenn's property looking for insight into the location of the treasure. Although he announced that the hunt had been solved back in June, Fenn still kept secret many answers to the mystery, such as where the treasure had been hidden, which may now be lost forever.

Easily the weirdest story of the past week came by way of Knoxville, Tennessee, where the sighting of a tiger on the loose by a sheriff's deputy sparked a fevered search for the creature. Although several departments have teamed up to look for the creature by both air and land, as of this writing, the animal has yet to be found. Adding a layer of mystery to the entire odd affair, no one is sure where the tiger could have come from as nearby zoos and animal sanctuaries say that they can account for all of their felines. This would seem to suggest that the animal may have been an illegal pet, in which case it's unlikely that its owner is going to come forward to claim the creature anytime soon.

For more strange and unusual stories from the past week, check out the Coast to Coast AM website.

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