Marchers From Waukee Walk 21 Miles For 9/11 Victims

WAUKEE, Iowa - A group known as March to the Capitol is drying out today after marching through driving rain to honor of 9/11 victims yesterday.

The group walked 21 miles from Centennial Park in Waukee to the state capitol in Des Moines.

Organizers say the walk was not about politics, but in memory of people who lost their lives on 9/11.

The group asked people who could not walk the distance to the capitol to please grab your American flag and join them for a distance suitable to the person's schedule and ability.

The 21 mile distance represents our walking 21 gun salute.

The March to the Capitol website says the walk was started after the St. Louis "March to the Arch", which now has over 600 participants.

(Image from March to the Capitol website)

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