Iowa business survey shows optimism for rest of 2020

DES MOINES, Iowa -- A new Iowa Association of Business and Industry survey is showing optimism in the last quarter of the year. Nearly half of businesses expect sales to grow or at least hold steady in the last three months of 2020.

"That's really terrific, given all the things that are happening and what businesses are facing--that they expect business to grow or stay the same is pretty good, and I continue to be surprised by that" says Iowa ABI President Mike Ralston.

He says their survey for the also shows businesses that may be willing to spend money to grow.

"Fifty-seven percent are planning capital expenditures in the fourth quarter--that's a real sign that people expect business to stay strong or grow. That's a really good thing for employers, employees, and Iowa communities" Ralson says.

He says the survey also shows employees in Iowa facing the physical and mental strain of life in the last six months...

"They're certainly concerned about their physical health--making sure they don't test positive for COVID-19, they their families are healthy. They're also worried about their mental health. Employees are facing so many things right now--the pandemic, many of them are facing after-effects of the derecho, businesses are dealing with the drought" he says.

As for those employees, the Iowa ABI survey shows 53 percent of businesses expect the number of employees to stay the same, while 37 percent expect that number to grow.

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