Central Iowa Bar Owner Charged for Standing Room Only Crowd, Contraband

NEWTON, Iowa - A central Iowa bar owner faces numerous charges after police say he refused to follow social distancing guidelines and was unruly before being arrested.

Officers say they attempted to serve Charles King with charges on September 10th, after observing standing room only conditions at his bar in Newton at 1:15 a.m. on September 4th (Pour Bastards Pub at 113 First Ave. E.).

Police say King ripped the papers off an officer's clipboard and became resistant to orders to put his hands behind his back.

He's charged with a public health violation, and possession of contraband in a correctional institution after a vape cartridge containing almost 90 percent THC was found on him at the Jasper County Jail.

King had been previously warned about violating social distance guidelines at his bar on August 9th.

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