Ransomware Attack Affects 27,000 UnityPoint Health Patients and Donors

DES MOINES, Iowa - About 27,000 Unitypoint Health patients and donors are being notified about a data breach.

Unitypoint says a third-party service used for fundraising, Blackbaud, had a recent ransomware attack. Cyber criminals got a hold of personal information, such as names, birthdays and phone numbers from three Unitypoint foundations, including St. Luke's Foundation (Sioux City), Trinity Health Foundation (Quad Cities), and Des Moines Foundation (Des Moines).

The data was taken between February and May. There's no indication yet that the information has been exploited or misused.

Unitypoint says the data breach does not include Social Security number or financial information.It does include " full names, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, provider names, dates of service, hospital departments, and/or philanthropic giving history, such as donation dates and amounts."

Unitypoint Health says it was told by Blackbaud that the breached data was permanently destroyed and the vulnerability that allowed the incident was closed.

(Image from Unitypoint Health)

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