Ames men face charges in church break-ins

AMES, Iowa -- Two Ames men are facing charges on three church-break-ins.

Police say Zakery Hyer, 19, is charged with:

• Burglary 3rd degree (four counts), a class “D” felony

• Criminal Mischief 2nd degree, a class “D” felony

• Interference with Official Acts (two counts) Causing Injury, a serious misdemeanor

They say Austin Cox, 18 is charged with Burglary 3rd degree (four counts), a class “D” felony

Police say Ascension Lutheran Church, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and St. Cecilia Church were broken into on September 17th.

They say electronics were stolen and offices were rifled through,

Police say a search warrant of the suspects' residence turned up some of the stolen property.

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