Cedar Rapids Police report 50-percent spike in vehicle thefts

(Cedar Rapids, IA) -- The Cedar Rapids Police Departments reporting a 50% increase in the number of vehicle thefts this year compared to the number of the past five years. There have been 403 so far this year, compared to an average of 270 over the past five years.

Police say there has been a 6.5% increase in thefts from vehicles, with 537 so far this year.

Police are reminding vehicle owners of the following theft-prevention tips:

1.Always lock your vehicle (even while driving).

2.When parked, leave all windows – including the sunroof – closed. Most burglars will not break into a car if they cannot see what they are getting. Remove cellular phones, cameras, laptop computers, wallets and purses. Lock your valuables in the trunk or glove compartment before you reach your destination or take them inside with you when arriving at your destination. In 2019, there were 24 incidents in which a gun was stolen from a vehicle with a total of 29 guns stolen. Through September 22, 2020, there have been 26 incidents this year in which a gun was stolen from a vehicle with a total of 29 guns stolen.

3.Park in well-lit areas. Most vehicles that have been reported stolen were taken from parking lots, street parking, or driveways. 

4.Never leave your vehicle unattended if it is running. Several vehicles stolen were vehicles that were left running and unlocked in front of a business, such as a convenience store.

5.Consider adding a vehicle alarm system but remember to be neighborly and respond to the alarm promptly should it be set off.

6.Be alert of your surroundings and people near your vehicle. Report suspicious activity to the Police Department. Most thefts do not involve breaking vehicle windows. Most thieves will move on to another target rather than attempt to break a window to gain access to a locked vehicle.

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