Fall temperatures across Iowa this week, frost possible by Friday

JOHNSTON, Iowa -- It's really going to feel like fall across Iowa--especially late in the week.

"Little bit warmer day Wednesday with highs in the 60's, but by the end of the week. we're look back into the 50's across the entire state. There could be upper 40's in parts of Northeast Iowa" says National Weather Service Meteorologist Andrew Ansorge.

He says those temperatures will be below normal for this time of year.

"Normal temperatures for late September are right around 70 degrees. We're looking at temperatures at least, for a good chunk of the week at least 10 degrees if not maybe a little more below normal" Ansorge says.

He says those falling temperatures by the end of the week could mean some frost.

"As we get to Friday morning, when you're waking up, temperatures across parts of Northern Iowa look to be right around if not below 32 degrees" Ansorge says.

He says temperatures Monday and Tuesday will be in the lower to mid-60's.

Image from National Weather Service, Johnston, Iowa

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