Iowa Continues to See Daily COVID-19 Record Highs

Inscription COVID-19 on blue background with red abstract virus strain model

DES MOINES, Iowa - COVID-19 records are continuing to fall on a daily basis in Iowa.

As of early Friday morning, only three counties have a positivity rate under 10 percent.

Meanwhile, 75 percent of all counties have reached the level where schools can apply for online only classes. That threshold is a 15 percent positivity rate over a 14-day average.

Here's a breakdown of the state's urban areas. In metro Des Moines, Dallas County has surpassed the 15 percent mark while Polk County sits at 14.1 percent. In the Cedar Rapids area, Linn County has an 18.4 percent rate while Johnson County is at 12 percent. Blackhawk County, which includes Waterloo, has a 22.5 percent rate. Scott County, which includes Davenport, is at 18.6 percent.

Hospitalizations in Iowa have reached a new high of 912. Patients in ICU have also reached a record high, although there is still no shortage of hospital beds with the current 32 percent availability rate.

Iowa currently has the fourth highest COVID-19 positivity rate in the country. The top three states are North Dakota, followed by South Dakota and Wisconsin. The latter two states border Iowa.

The state currently has 87 long term care centers with virus outbreaks, which is also a high mark.

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