Reynolds Disappointed With Presidential Election, Waiting For Vote Totals

DES MOINES, Iowa - Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds says she's disappointed with the current state of the presidential election, but is waiting for all votes to be counted.

She issued a statement Tuesday night, endorsing a second term for President Donald Trump

Reynolds said she's waiting for decisions on voter fraud, while vowing to work with both political parties in the future.

The governor actively campaigned for Republican candidates before the election.

Governor Reynolds statement is below:

“Four more years of President Donald Trump would mean a stronger economy, a more secure country, and an even brighter future. Iowans understood that, voting overwhelmingly to keep him in office.

“I’m disappointed in the current state of the race nationwide, but we’re still waiting for all votes to be tallied and for decisions to be made about disputed ballots.

“The American people deserve a fair, transparent election. Everyone should want to ensure that the integrity of our election process is intact and that anyone found guilty of wrongdoing is held accountable.

“As we wait for the final results, I believe one thing to be clear: Iowans validated the direction we are taking the state. I look forward to working with Iowa legislators and the federal delegation in both political parties to strengthen our communities, protect our families, and keep our economy moving forward.”

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