No Shortage of Hospital Beds in Iowa; Cedar Rapids Still a COVID-19 Hotspot

DES MOINES, Iowa - There's still no shortage of hospital beds in Iowa, even with a sharp uptick in COVID-19 hospitalizations over the weekend. As of early Monday morning, there were 1,392 COVID-19 hospitalizations in the state, up from 1,227 the day before. Almost 35 percent of hospital beds are currently available

Iowa still ranks third in the country for its rate of new cases.

Data compiled by the New York Times shows Cedar Rapids as the metro area with the fifth greatest number of new cases, based on population. But it's no longer on the top 20 list of metro areas where new cases are rising the fastest.

Waterloo-Cedar Falls ranks number seven for greatest number of new cases, while Dubuque is number 16.

Sioux City is number two for metro areas that have had the highest cumulative case rates since the start of the outbreak, while Dubuque ranks number nine on that list.

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