Governor Reynolds talks about new COVID-19 restrictions

Kim Reynolds

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Iowa's governor doesn't think new COVID-19 restrictions put in place Wednesday are too little, too late.

"We are really stressing our hospitals are their capacity. And so, we have to dial up and we have to adjust accordingly. We'll continue to watch that and if we need to do more, we'll continue to dial it up and put in additional mitigation" says Gov. Kim Reynolds.

She also used a Tuesday morning news conference to try and clear up confusion on a newly-enacted COVID-19 face mask mandate.

"I don't think you need to wear a mask if you're outdoors, and there's no one around and you're going for a walk. I don't think when you're driving in the car and you're by yourself you need to wear a mask. You need to be thinking about if you're indoors where we know that the potential to spread is increased, and you're going to be in close proximity for a prolonged period of time--over 15 minutes--then you're required to wear a mask" she says.

Reynolds says anyone who has questions about where and when to wear a mask should err on the side of caution and wear one.

Also under the new restrictions, restaurants and bars across the state have to close by 10pm. Also, all non-high school youth sports activities are being suspended.

Reynolds says her goal with the new restrictions is to flatten Iowa's curve of COVID cases, while keeping businesses open and kids in school.

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