Derecho Construction Crew in Cedar Rapids Finally Gets Paid After a Month

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - Eight workers from Texas who say they were not paid for a month while performing derecho repairs in Cedar Rapids now have their compensation.

A Colorado company overseeing the project, BluSky Restoration Contractors, has paid the men more than $30,000 they were owed after a subcontractor, Pablo Ramirez, failed to do so.

The men worked since mid-October to make repairs and cleaning in apartments at Cottage Grove Place.

The men drew public attention when they walked off the job with a group of protesters last week.

Church groups and local unions helped negotiate the compensation for the workers.

The Center for Worker Justice of Eastern Iowa reports the Carpenters’ Union and the Teamsters joined the effort with Rev. Anthony Smith from New Creations International Church and President of the Johnson County Interfaith Coalition, State Representative Art Staed, Rev. John Greve of Grace Episcopal Church - Cedar Rapids and Emily Schott from Rush & Nicholson law firm.

(image from the Center for Worker Justice of Eastern Iowa)

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