Hinson Says Congress has 'Narrow Role' During Electoral College Count

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - Freshman Iowa Congress member Ashley Hinson is not indicating support for Republican objections during Wednesday's Electoral College vote.

In a new Facebook post, she says Congress has a very narrow role to formally count the votes cast by electors.

Hinson has already said she accepts the Electoral College results.

She's also said she supports President Donald Trump, but sees no path to victory for him.

At least 12 senators and up to 140 House members have indicated they will object to certifying the Electoral College results. The Electoral College gave President- elect Joe Biden 306 votes to 232 for Trump.

In her Facebook post, Hinson said she expects "there will be debate on results from multiple states," and that "many Americans across the country felt their votes weren’t counted in this election while illegal ones were."

She closed by saying, "I look forward to engaging in this debate and beginning the critical process of restoring faith in our elections."

Hinson is a new Republican member of the U.S. House, having defeated incumbent 1st District Democrat Abby Finkenauer in November’s election.

(Image from Ashley Hinson Congressional site)

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