Iowa Administering COVID-19 Vaccines at Much Higher Rate Than the Nation

Coronavirus Covid-19 Vaccine

IOWA - There's frustration over the COVID-19 vaccination rate nationally, but Iowa is enjoying more success.

As of Tuesday morning, nearly half the vaccine's delivered (48 percent) to Iowa have been successfully administered to people. That beats the national average of roughly 30 percent.

South Dakota is the only state in the region surrounding Iowa with a higher vaccination rate.

The numbers are compiled by the Centers for Disease Control.

Operation Warp Speed and the Trump administration had projected that 20 million people would be vaccinated by the end of December. As of Tuesday morning, only 15.4 million doses had been distributed across the country, and only 4.5 million people had been vaccinated.

The chief operating officer of Operation Warp Speed announced over the weekend that discussions are underway to administer Moderna vaccines in half doses in order to boost delivery to a wider portion of the country.

Dr. Moncef Slaoui said that cutting the dose volume in half to people between 18 and 55 years old would offer the same immune response as a full dosage.

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