Iconic Cedar Rapids Quaker Oats Sign Being Replaced After Derecho Damage

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - The iconic Quaker Oats sign in downtown Cedar Rapids is being repaired and updated after being damaged in the August derecho.

Crews from Nesper Sign Advertising are working now to replace the old sign with energy-efficient LED lighting.

The new sign will use one-sixth the power and be much lower voltage than the old neon sign.

The replacement is scheduled to be completed by this summer.

Quaker Oats has a long history in Cedar Rapids.

The American Cereal Company ran a special all-Quaker Oats train from Cedar Rapids to Portland, Oregon in 1890, and introduced the first ever "trial-size samples" of the food.

Half ounce sample boxes of Quaker Oats were delivered to every mailbox in Portland.

The Cedar Rapids facility is the largest cereal milling plant in the world, which often produces the scent of various cereal brands that reach into the city.

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