Waterloo man accused of deer poaching in Buchanan County

(Undated) -- A Waterloo man's facing deer poaching charges. Shar Reh is accused of unlawfully shooting a deer near Hopkinton in Buchanan County. The D-N-R says Reh and others were found with equipment to spotlight and shoot deer last fall. A D-N-R officer found loaded guns in the car and white tailed deer parts in plastic bags.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says someone got a tip that someone with a rifle may be trying to kill a deer at night in Brayton Memorial Forest Wildlife Area. A D-N-R Conservation Officer set up surveillance October 31st, and stopped two vehicles.

The officer found additional evidence that the individuals may have been involved with freshly killed animals, which they confirmed, saying they had been hunting squirrels and were successful. A quick check of licenses found some of the individuals were not properly licensed while others had purchased licenses, but were not carrying the license, as required.

The D-N-R says Reh shot the deer with a 7 MM Magnum rifle, while everyone else shown flashlights on the deer so he could see to shoot. They then all butchered and bagged the deer jointly.

Shar Reh has been charged with unlawful taking of a white-tailed deer with a prohibited rifle ($210.25) and hunting by artificial light ($210.25). Drish seized the rifle, lights and antlerless deer. The fines totaled $420.50.

Others charged include Soe Reh, Law Reh, Soe Reh, Heh Reh, and Lucy Reh, all of Waterloo.

Each person involved had their hunting fishing and trapping licenses suspended for one year.

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