Constitutional Amendments on Guns and Abortion See Progress in Iowa House

DES MOINES, Iowa - Committees in the Iowa legislature are moving forward with constitutional amendments on abortion and guns.

One House sub-committee approved a bill that would create an Iowa version of the U.S. Second Amendment right to bear arms.

It would also require Iowa courts to closely look at any law that infringes on gun possession.

The gun amendment has passed the legislature once and needs approval again by 2022 in order to go to a public vote.

It's known as House Study Bill 9.

The abortion bill would let Iowans vote on a constitutional amendment saying there’s no right to abortion or for public funding of them. It passed a House sub-committee Tuesday.

Republicans in the legislature have claimed the Iowa Supreme Court overstepped its bounds in 2018 when it struck down a limit to abortions and found that the state constitution gives a fundamental right to the procedure.

The abortion measure passed the state Senate last year but failed in the House. It needs to pass both the House and Senate in the current, two-year general assembly as well as the next one that starts in 2023 before it can go to a public vote.

The abortion proposal is known as House Study Bill 41.

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