One of Two Iowa Men Accused in U.S. Capitol Riot Released From Jail

Courtroom concept.

IOWA - One of two Iowa men charged in the riot at the U.S. Capitol is out of jail.

A judge released Leo Kelly of Cedar Rapids from the Linn County Jail, noting he has limited criminal history.

Kelly is under GPS monitoring and must stay in the Northern District of Iowa while he remains free.

Meanwhile, a judge in Des Moines will decide Wednesday whether to release Doug Jensen from Polk County Jail.

Jensen faces more charges from the riot, with one accusing him of assaulting, resisting or impeding certain officers.

He was arrested three days after the violent protests, after photos and videos showed him leading a crowd that burst into the U.S. Capitol building on January 6th. He was wearing a QAnon T-shirt, and said he wanted QAnon to get credit for the protests.

Kelly was arrested after a video was circulated of his interview with the conservative Christian website The interview was conducted hours after the riot.

Jensen faces a total of six charges, while Kelly faces two charges.

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