Iowa Governor: Treatment of Iowa National Guard "Unconscionable."

(Des Moines, IA) -- Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds says she's pulling troops out of Washington D.C. and bringing them back home after reports thousands of National Guard soldiers were told to leave the Capitol and ordered to rest in a parking garage. There were also reports of soldiers sleeping on the ground and sharing one bathroom.

"These are soldiers, men and women who voluntarily stepped up to serve our state and our country and they deserve our respect and admiration, this was unconscionable to think they were ordered to leave the Capitol, and moved to a parking garage," said Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds.

The governor spoke with WHO Radio's Jeff Angelo this morning announcing she's working with Iowa National Guard Major General Ben Correll to bring the soldiers home.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott are also bringing their National Guard troops back from Washington, D.C. in light of the reports.

The U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) ordered the troops to move their rest area during their 12-hour shifts from inside the Capitol to the Thurgood Marshall Judicial Center parking garage, the National Guard said Friday.

Acting USCP Chief Yogananda Pittman has released a statement: "With the exception of specific times on Inauguration Day itself while the swearing-in ceremonies were underway, the United States Capitol police did not instruct the National Guard to vacate the Capitol Building facilities, and on Inauguration Day, the Guard was notified and encouraged to reoccupy the spaces in the Capitol and CVC at 2 p.m."

There are reports that a one individual issued an order without authority or without going through the chain of command. U.S Senator James Inhofe (R-Oklahoma) told Fox News efforts are underway to identify the individual.

(Photo National Guard)

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