Hart Defends Election Challenge Against Miller-Meeks Motion to Dismiss

WASHINGTON, DC - The attorney for Democratic congressional candidate Rita Hart is defending her decision to challenge her six-vote defeat in the U.S. House.

Attorney Mark Elias says skipping Iowa courts to settle the dispute is appropriate because the House is the fairest and most logical place to take an extremely close election.

Attorneys For election winner Mariannette Miller-Meeks have asked the House to dismiss Hart's challenge.

Republican Miller-Meeks was sworn in as a provisional member of Congress while the election dispute plays out.

Hart's campaign says it found 22 votes that should have been counted during the recount following the election, and claims Hart would have defeated Miller-Meeks in the Second Congressional District had those votes been counted.

Miller-Meeks says the election disputes should have runs its course through the Iowa courts.

Elias made comments on the case Monday, saying the Miller-Meeks motion to dismiss the House case is preposterous.

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