Bill to Disclose Information on Medication Abortions Moving in Legislature

DES MOINES, Iowa - The Iowa legislature is beginning to move forward on an abortion bill.

It would require doctors to provide women seeking medication abortions information about reversing the pills' effect.

A House subcommittee passed the bill Tuesday which Republicans and anti-abortion groups say would provide full disclosure to women who may change their minds.

Democrats and pro-choice groups says it would force doctors to provide information that's unproven and scientifically disputed.

The bill (House File 53) would require providers who perform medication abortions to post signs about reversing the effects of the abortions, and would require the Iowa Department of Public Health to publish information about reversing the effects on its website.

Doctors who failed to comply with the bill would be subject to disciplinary action against their licenses.

Currently, Planned Parenthood in Des Moines offers medication abortions, which is not a surgical procedure.

The bill would also require woman give written consent that they received information about reversing the effect of the abortions.

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