Dem. State Reps Propose Worker Protections at Plants, Notably Tyson

WATERLOO, Iowa - Two Waterloo Democratic State Representatives are putting together a proposal to beef up worker protections at plants.

The plan from Representatives Ras Smith and Tina Brown-Powers is specifically aimed at the Waterloo Tyson plant, where six workers have died from COVID-19.

The proposal calls for Iowa OSHA to install mandatory standards at workplaces, including paid sick leave, premium pay and physical safety.

Several lawsuits against Tyson claim mismanagement at the Waterloo plant during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of the accusations claim Tyson misled interpreters about COVID-19 outbreaks and managers bet on the number of infections at the plant.

The company says it’s offering mobile clinics beginning February 1st to get its workers vaccinated for the virus.

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