CDC Numbers Show How Iowa Delivers COVID-19 Vaccines to People

IOWA - Iowa is improving its delivery of COVID-19 vaccines to people as a new phase of eligibility approaches.

Roughly 54 percent of the doses sent to Iowa have been injected into arms.

The state's also vaccinated nearly seven percent of its population

The numbers from the CDC are an improvement from a week ago, although the state ranks in the middle of the pack nationally in both categories.

The number of vaccines delivered to the state is also in line with its population, based on delivery to other states.

The next phase of vaccinations begins Monday, and expands eligibility to people 65 and older as well as first responders and other frontline workers.

Iowa continues to be in the bottom third of states for new COVID-19 cases. The New York Times tracker shows a sharp drop of new cases across the country, falling 34 percent over the last 14 days.

There's still concern that new strains of the virus could lead to spike in cases.

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