Some Iowans Getting COVID-19 Vaccines in States With Looser Restrictions

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - There's an emerging trend of Iowa residents crossing state lines to get COVID-19 shots.

KCRG-TV reports Linn County Auditor Joe Miller traveled to Moline, Illinois to get vaccinated at a Hy-Vee store.

Illinois has looser requirements in the current phase of vaccinations.

It allows all frontline non-healthcare workers to get vaccinated, while Iowa is limiting its doses right now to workers such as police and firefighters.

Iowa is operating under a tiered system for Phase 1B of the vaccinations. It's a system of five tiers that includes all people 65 and older.

However, Iowa also allows nonresidents as well as undocumented immigrants to receive vaccines. "IDAC (Iowa Disease Advisory Council) strongly supports that no individual shall be restricted from obtaining vaccine based on residency or citizenship as noted in the memo from the Iowa Department of Public Health."

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