Rep. Hinson's First Congressional Bill, on Education, Rejected in House

WAHINGTON, DC - The first bill from newly elected Iowa Republican Congresswoman Ashley Hinson will not move forward.

Hinson's bill to fully fund schools that offer in-person classes while penalizing districts that stay online was blocked by the House Democratic majority.

Hinson's proposal was very similar to a newly passed Iowa law that requires schools to offer an option for in-person classes.

Her national bill would have docked schools that don't open for in-person classes by reducing some of their funding.

The reduction in funding would have brought new conditions to the $54 billion that Congress passed in a bipartisan package in December to help K-12 schools safely reopen.

Hinson's plan would have stripped two-thirds of the funding to local districts if they failed to open for in-person learning at least 50 percent of the time and at least at 50 percent capacity.

Hinson presented her legislation on the House Floor Tuesday.

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