Lying, bribing & stealing. What some are doing to get vaccine out of turn

While there are some people who don't want the Rona vaccine at all, others are doing anything they can to get it including lying, cheating bribing and even stealing!

"There's dozens and dozens of these stories, and they really show that the rollout was a complete disaster in terms of selling fairness," said Arthur Caplan, who heads the medical ethics division at the NYU School of Medicine. "It wasn’t that we didn’t have consensus (on who should go first). We didn’t pay attention to logistics, and that drove distribution, not rules," he added in a story in USA Today.

One wealthy couple charted a plane and flew to Canada where they posed as local motel employees and received vaccinations,

In Polk County Florida, the 2020 Paramedic of the year confessed to stealing four doses of the vaccine and forging paperwork.

In Philly, a 22-year-old involved with vaccine distribution took doses home to give them to friends and doctors are reporting being offered bribes to get people the vaccine when its not their turn.

What should happen to people trying to jump the line?

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