Valley Junction Clothing Shop Honors Iowa Negro Baseball League Team

(West Des Moines, Iowa) -- A Valley Junction Clothing shop is celebrating Black History Month by bringing back a little-known piece of Iowa history - t-shirts with the logo of the Buxton Wonders baseball team.

The team played in the Negro Baseball League from 1900 to 1920, and was based out of the coal mining town of Buxton. The team was sponsored by the Consolidation Coal Company, which covered the team's expenses.

In December of 2020, the MLB recognized the Negro Baseball League as a major league, making the Buxton Wonders the only major league baseball team to exist in Iowa.

Bozz Prints will be donating 25% of the proceeds from the Buxton Wonders shirt sales to the African American Museum of Iowa.

You can purchase Bozz Print's Buxton Wonders t-shirts in-store and online.

(Photo WHO 13)

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