Impeachment Revisited is playing in Washington DC. Are you watching it?

Second Impeachment Trial Of Donald J. Trump Begins In Senate

Well it's happening again. And just like last time, the outcome is already known. I'm talking about Impeachment 2.0 currently playing behind razor wire in our nation's Capitol.

Impeachment moved from something very serious that we only ever do rarely to a political tool that will be repeated frequently yesterday as Democrats along with six Republicans, decided it was constitutional to try and impeach a private citizen.

It is clear that Democrats are so worried that a 2024 run by President Trump would be successful, that they are trying right now to stop that from being a possibility. They will lose.

Anti-semitism also reared its head on social media as people began to make fun of Trump's lawyer David Schoen for putting his hand on his head every time he took a sip of water. Very fast research would have told them that Schoen is an orthodox Jew who will say a quick prayer every single time he eats or drinks something and that he has to cover his head when he says that prayer.

The feeling I'm getting is that apart from a few people who still have Trump Derangement Syndrome, no one is really paying attention to this. Am I right? Are you watching it?

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